Blogging Again

I wrote a blog back in 2006 to 2007 when I was running my last company. Writing the blog helped me articulate my thoughts and was somewhat therapeutic.

After I left Bolt to co-found Yashi with my wife Caitlin, I found it nearly impossible to find any time to blog during the first few years we were growing Yashi. Nearly all of my waking hours, seven days a week, was dedicated to growing Yashi in some way, so I decided to stop blogging.

Its been 7 years since we co-founded Yashi. We have bootstrapped Yashi on a shoestring budget as a husband / wife duo out of our basement to a 25+ person company. Yashi has been named to Inc 5000 and NJBIZ 50 Fastest Growing, and has doubled in growth every year since inception.

I will try my best to provide a transparent view of my experiences and journey as an entrepreneur, and would love feedback from others about their experiences as well.

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Jay Gould

Jay Gould is the co-founder at Yashi. He also invests in tech startups with his wife through their fund, Gould Ventures.