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Value is What You Create – Price is What You Get

My favorite quote from Warren Buffett that helps me not get caught up in the hype when I invest is: “Price is what you pay.  Value is what you get.”  – Warren Buffett I have riffed on this quote as

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How I Avoided Paying the IRS One Million Dollars and Jail

In 2007 I co-founded Yashi with my then girlfriend and now wife Caitlin.  The first decision we had to make was whether to incorporate as an LLC or a C-Corporation. We did not seek any advice from our accountant or

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I Just Want to Make My Mom Proud

My Mom married her high school sweetheart, got pregnant at 19 years old and had me when she was just 20 years old. She was divorced by 21 years old. She remarried when I was 4 years old. When I

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Here’s What Happened When I Made My First Ten Million Dollars

In 2005, I sold my first startup to a NYC-based company, Bolt Media, for mostly stock.  My ownership in Bolt was about 33%. Prior to selling my startup, I was making a few hundred grand per year, for a few

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How I’m Getting Naked for Everybody and You Can Too

Running a startup is like staring at yourself in the mirror completely naked. You are able to clearly identify all of your flaws that others cannot see when you’re fully clothed.  Despite any external evidence of your success over time,

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Jay Gould

Jay Gould is the co-founder at Yashi. He also invests in tech startups with his wife through their fund, Gould Ventures.